Success of the RNApolis team in the international CASP-RNA competition

A team of researchers from the Institute of Computing Science of Poznan University of Technology and the Department of Structural Bioinformatics at ICHB PAS, consisting of dr Maciej Antczak, dr Mariusz Popenda, dr Joanna Sarzynska, dr Tomasz Żok, and prof Marta Szachniuk, won the 3d place in CASP-RNA – the 3D RNA structure prediction competition.

Participants of the competition, were given the task to predict and model the 3D structures of 12 RNA molecules from the sequence. 53 teams from all over the world, including 3 from Poland, took part in CASP-RNA. The RNApolis team submitted 61 models predicted for the competition with the use of the RNAComposer system they developed and expert knowledge. The results were announced at the CASP15 conference held in Antalya (Turkey) on 10-13.12.2022.

Congratulations to the winners!

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