English 2012

RA-01/2012Kobus T.,
Kokociński M.,
Wojciechowski P.T.
Model – Driven Comparison of State – Machine based and deferred update replication schemes.Poznań 2012
RA-02/2012Greco S.,
Słowiński R.,
Szeląg M.
Variable-consistency dominance-based rough set approach to multicriteria ranking.Poznań 2012
RA-03/2012Drozdowski M.,
Marszałkowski J.
Full results and implementation details of layout partitioning for advertisement fit problem.Poznań 2012
RA-04/2012Andrzejewski W.,
Bębel B.
FOCUS: an index For ContinuoUS subsequence pattern queries.Poznań 2012
RA-05/2012Boiński P.Memory constraints in collocation pattern miningPoznań 2012
RA-06/2012Komosiński M.Evolutionary design of tall structures.Poznań 2012
RA-07/2012Józefowski Ł.Analysis of the fair queuing algorithms via apportionment.Poznań 2012
RA-08/2012Józefowski Ł.Optimization of the absolute fairness bound measure for packets of equal size.Poznań 2012
RA-09/2012Waligóra G.Simulated annealing and tabu search for discrete – continuous project scheduling with discounted cash flows.Poznań 2012
RA-10/2012Susmaga R.,
Szczęch I.
Application of the Χ^2 coefficient to the Bayesian confirmation measures.Poznań 2012
RA-11/2012Mika M.,
Piątek W.,
Waligóra G.
Computational analysis of algorithm for resource allcation and scheduling workflows on a grid.Poznań 2012
RA-12/2012Susmaga R.,
Szczęch I.
Study of the relations among selected properties of Bayesian confirmation measures.Poznań 2012
RA-13/2012Espinouse M-L.,
Pawlak G.,
Sterna M.
Scheduling jobs on single machine with cyclic transportation.Poznań 2012