Poznan University of Technology in the ranking of the best universities in the world

Poznan University of Technology is on fourth place among Polish universities in the ranking of the best universities in the world, based on the number of citations of scientific papers registered on individual profiles on Google Scholar.

The highest, 562. place in Poland was obtained by University of Warsaw with 70 242 citations. Placed 665. was Warsaw University of Technology with a total citations count equal to 56 170. Nicolaus Copernicus University was 837. in the ranking with 38 908 citations. Poznan University of Technology was 842. with 38 462 citations. Further in the ranking was Jagiellonian University with 32 576 citations and place 944. Next was University of Wroclaw at 959. place and 31 797 citations, Wroclaw University of Technology at 1038. place and 23 793 citations and finally Medical University of Warsaw with 24 327 citations and place 1101.

More details can be found here.

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