Angielskie 2014

RA-01/2014I. Szczęch,
S. Greco,
R. Słowiński
Four perspectives of confirmation.Poznań 2014
RA-02/2014M. PiernikStructural XML classification by patterns.Poznań 2014
RA-03/2014M. PiernikXML stream classification.Poznań 2014
RA-04/2014Xin Chen,
M. Sterna,
Xin Han,
J. Błażewicz
Scheduling on parallel identical machines with late work criterion.Poznań 2014
RA-05/2014K. Czernichowska,
G. Pawlak,
M. Sterna
Embedding internet services within non-web projects and webpages: adding Google Translate to Lotus Domino applications.Poznań 2014
RA-06/2014W. JaśkowskiSystematic N-tuple networks for position evaluation: exceeding 90% in the Othello league.Poznań 2014
RA-07/2014M. Drozdowski,
J. Marszałkowski
On the complexity of sprite packing.Poznań 2014
RA-08/2014A. DanileckiMarching band: preliminary tests of forced determinism costs in distributed message – passing environment.Poznań 2014
RA-09/2014Sz. WilkAbstaining in rule- baseed bagging ensambles – analysis classification strategies.Poznań 2014
RA-10/2014B. Alchimowicz
Nawrocki J
Towards automatic explanation of
field syntax in web applications.
Poznań 2014
RA-11/2014J. Brzeziński,
J. Kozłowicz,
A. Kobusińska
Anonymous Peer-to-Peer file sharing application.Poznań 2014
RA-12/2014W. Andrzejewski,
P. Boiński
ICPI Tree construction parallelization on Graphics Processing Units.Poznań 2014