IntelliForest is a network-centric system for monitoring and protecting forests. It was created for IEEE Computer Society International Design Competition 2006 (CSIDC) and advanced to the final in Washington D.C. It was also used as my bachelor thesis. Currently the next, redesigned version of IntelliForest system is put into operation in Polish forests. The project was also submitted to the Microsoft Windows Embedded Student ChallengE 2006 (WESC) competition but our team concentrated on CSIDC.

IntelliForest is a modular system build of many cmponents which can be added freely according to the needs. It can consists of wireless sensors that monitor environment conditions, mobile motes used to track animals, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) that can monitor the forest from air, video cameras and information points for tourists. The management system of IntelliForest is installed on some computer and system is configured in the field using PDA devices.

Members of the IntelliForest team were: Piotr Hołubowicz, Łukasz Langa, Paweł Lichocki, Szymon Wąsik and Mikołaj Sobczak, Ph. D. (mentor). Below there is a picture of the team from CSIDC final.

  IF team

If you are interested in IntelliForest feel free to download following resources:

Components of the system presented in the way in which they were designed for CSIDC are presented on the figure below. For more details please see our final report.

  IF team