The Proteus Project is aimed at development of a modern system, which in the future will be able to support operations of police, fire service and the other services responsible for security of our society. The designed system will include i.a.: three multi-functional robots, unmanned aircraft and mobile command center. The Proteus is going to make use of a range of innovative technologies integration of which into one efficiently functioning system poses a serious challenge to engineers working on the project.

There were three main tasks that were developed at the Poznan University of Technology: unmanned aircraft, mobile command center and software for mobile control center. In the Project I was the leader of the last one of these tasks. I was responsible for designing, implementing and delivering command and control software for MCC. The software controls the vehicle, allows to browse and analyze GIS data and information about mobile and static objects, schedule the mission for the aircraft, integrates different communication technologies and allows to browse archival content.

Below there is a visualization of mobile command center.