Poznan University of Technology has been selected for European Universities Initiative!

We are pleased to announce that Poznan University of Technology with EUNICE (European University for Customised Education) project has been selected for the second edition of European Universities Initiative and became the leader of the whole group (no other university in Poland received this distinction). This initiative was started as a response to the call of the European Council for strengthening the cooperation between European universities and creating a new generation of specialists. Participation in this program is a great success for a university.

It’s also worth mentioning that among the group working on EUNICE project, there are two members of our Institute – Pawel Sniatala and Jedrzej Musial.

Universities working on EUNICE alongside with PUT:

  • Brandenburg University of Technology (BTU), Germany,
  • University of Cantabria (UC), Spain,
  • University of Catania (UNICT), Italy,
  • University of Mons (UMONS), Belgium,
  • Université Polytechnique Hauts-de-France (UPHF), France,
  • University of Vaasa (UVA), Finland.

This project has a budget of 6,25 mln EURO and will take three years to complete.

Main project team, working under the supervision of the Rector-Elect of PUT, prof. Teofil Jesionowski:

  • PhD Agnieszka Misztal, prof. of PUT – Vice-Rector for Education in the next term,
  • PhD Paweł Śniatała – Vice-Rector for International Cooperation in the next term,
  • PhD Jędrzej Musiał,
  • MSc Magdalena Sikorska,
  • MSc Magdalena Zawirska-Wolniewicz,
  • MSc Marta Lipińska,
  • MSc Damian Łuczak.

The great importance of this success was pointed out by the current Rector of PUT, prof. Tomasz Łodygowski on July 15th, during the last meeting of PUT’s Senate. He concluded that it is without doubt, the greatest achievement of the last year.

More information
1. Video report in TVP 3 Poznań (in Polish)

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