Summary of Game Industry Conference

Game Industry Conference is the new name for the conference organized every year since 4 years, earlier known as “Zjazd Twórców Gier”. It took place at the Poznan International Fair during the Poznan Game Arena from 16th to 18th October. This year it has been patroned not only by Rector and Dean of our University, as well as Ministry of Economy since last year, but also by Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

The conference consisted of 110 lectures, workshops and discussion sessions presented by 126 speakers. The speakers represented many game development companies from Poland and 40 companies from abroad. The topics included all important elements of the game development process: design, programming, graphics, audio, plot creation, new technologies, production, business aspects and research done in game industry.

In total there were 2940 audience members, and this number comes from the open format of the conference. This year a system for business meetings have been introduced, in which game creators could meet with publishers and investors. Over 150 registered participants, 643 invites and 484 meetings were held during the conference, which is a great success.

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