IIIrd place in Pizza 2015 comptetition for our students

The students of the Ist year of Computing, Adam Krasucki and Szymon Melewski, teamed together to take the IIIrd place in the Pizza 2015 programming competition organized by University of Wroclaw.

The participants had to compete against 115 other teams in the eliminations, and among them 35 best teams competed in the grand finals. They have been beaten by one of many teams from University of Warsaw and by a team which consisted of the employees of Google Cracow.

The goal of the competition was to implement an algorithm that had to play different games using network environment and win against algorithms made by other teams. In each game there was a non-trivial problem to solve, which had to be extended with an artificial intelligence module and implement the network protocols to compete with other teams.

More information about the competition can be found on the website.

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