Best Master Thesis in Bioinformatics in 2015 award

The results of the Best Master Thesis in Bioinformatics in 2015 competition has been announced during the IX Symposium of Polish Society of Bioinformatics, 28-30th September 2016,

Among the three awarded theses one was written by Jakub Bartoszewicz, our graduate of the macro-studies Bioinformatics held by Faculty of Computing at Poznan University of Technology. His thesis entitled “Optymalizacja nakładek oligonukleotydowych w klonowaniu metodą CPEC i obliczeniach molekularnych” (eng. “Optimization of oligonucleotide overlays in cloning using CPEC method and molecular computations”) was conducted in our Institute under the supervision of prof. Piotr Formanowicz.

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