Best Paper Award

During the European Conference on Artificial Intelligence 2012, Montpellier, Francja, 27-31 August 2012 the team consisting of Krzysztof Dembczyński, Willem Waegeman and Eyke Hüllermeier the best paper award for the article “An Analysis of Chaining in Multi-Label Classification”.

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Success in Data Mining Competition

Weiwei Cheng, Krzysztof Dembczyński, Eyke Hüllermeier, Adrian Jaroszewicz and Willem Waegeman during the conference Joint Rough Set Symposium (JRS’2012), Chengdu, China, 17-20 August 2012 received the 2nd place award in the “JRS 2012 Data Mining Competition: Topical Classification of Biomedical Research Papers” for paper “F-Measure Maximization in Topical Classification”.

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Best Paper Award

During the conference Joint Rough Set Symposium (JRS’2012), Chengdu, China, 17-20 August 2012 the team consisting of Łukasz Pałkowski, Jerzy Błaszczyński, Jerzy Krysiński, Roman Słowiński, Andrzej Skrzypczak, Jan Błaszczak, Eugenia Gospodarek, Joanna Wróblewska received the best paper award for the article “Application of Rough Set Theory in Prediction of Antimicrobial Activity of Bis-Quaternary Ammonium Chlorides”.

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Success in Roadef Challenge

The team consisting of the institute employees Wojciech Jaśkowski, Piotr Gawron, Marcin Szubert and Bartosz Wieloch took the I place in category Junior and III place in category Open in Roadef Challenge competition.

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Scholarship for Miłosz Kadziński

Miłosz Kadziński, M.Sc. received the scholarship of the Poznan City Council for young researchers from Poznan scientific community for distinctive research work and outstanding results in Computing Science, especially in Multi-criteria Decision Support.

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Award for Miłosz Kadziński

Miłosz Kadziński, M.Sc. received the Best Reviewer Award of the European Journal of Operational Research.

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Awards from PTBI

During 10th Workshop on Bioinformatics organized by Polish Bioinformatics Society Szymon Wąsik, M.Sc. received Best Presentation Award for presenting paper S. Wasik, 
P. Jackowiak, 
M. Figlerowicz, 
J. Blazewicz, Enhancing HCV infection modelling using multi-agent approach. During the workshop results of the competition for the best master thesis in bioinformatics where also announced. The distinction in this competition was awarded to Tomasz Żok, M.Sc. The thesis was supervised by Marta Szachniuk, Ph.D.

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Scholarships for Ph.D. students

Krystyna Napierała, M.Sc., the Ph.D. student in the Laboratory of IDSS and Tomasz Głowacki, M.Sc. and Szymon Wąsik, M.Sc., Ph.D. students in the Laboratory of ADPS received the scholarship for the year 2011/2012 within the project “Scholarship support for PH.D. students specializing in majors strategic for Wielkopolska’s development”, Sub-measure 8.2.2 Human Capital Operational Programme, co-financed by European Union under the European Social Fund.

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Success in Hackfest Contest

The application implemented by Michał Kleszcz, Artur Gutkowski and Zbigniew Czarnecki students of the Computing Science was awarded in the Hackfest contest with the first prize in “Best design” and “Most creative UI” categories and the second prize in the “Best application” category.

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Award for professor Jacek Błażewicz

Professor Jacek Błażewicz from the Institute of Computing Science and Professor Erwin Pesch from the University of Siegen become the winners of the forth edition of the Polish-German Scientific Award “Copernicus”. The distinction was awarded for the outstanding contribution to Polish-German scientific cooperation and the joint research achievements especially in the field of algorithms used in task scheduling and bioinformatics.

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