Great achievement in ACM-ICPC competition in Central European Region for Poznan University of Technology

Team of our students, Szymon Wolarz, Adam Krasuski and Bartosz Prusak, finished on 15th place in the Central European Region competition in team programming ACM-ICPC.

In the category of technical universities we were on second place, just behind Prague University of Technology, which means that Poznan University of Technology is yet again the best Polish technical university in this competition. It is worth noting that the competition favours non-technical universities, because the tasks given to the participants are more of a theoretical type than taken from practice.

Congratulations to the students and we wish them more successes to come!

The results can be viewed here.

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Let’s Roq: The machine learning competition for Poznan University of Technology students

Today, machine learning is one of the fastest growing areas of computer science, in terms of both theoretical research and practical applications. Based on this trend, numerous companies are eager to get involved by organizing machine learning competitions for the students at Poznan University of Technology., Europe’s leading cross-device technology provider, and Poznan University of Technology are currently working in tandem to organize and bring students the “Let’s Roq” challenge. The competition’s key task for students is to find the best supervised algorithm for cross-device connections. It’s a very relevant and challenging real-life problem we face with today due to the rapid growth of the online advertising industry.

As a company, is a successful start-up headquartered in Berlin. Its engineering team is, however, almost entirely based in Poznan. That being said, the solutions proposed by are also strongly based on machine learning technologies.

During competition, students will face the task of estimating the probability that two given devices belong to the same user. It is worth noting that data made available for students is coming from actual Internet traffic. Of course, all sensitive information has been removed to prevent identification of devices and users.

All students of Poznan University of Technology are invited to participate in the competition (including graduate students). The student teams will compete for a prize pool of 10 000 PLN and gain the opportunity to complete an internship within’s data science team.

For more information about the competition, please consult the following sources: and

Competition Launch:

November 4, 2016, at. 9:45, room 125BT (during the lecture: The Mining of Massive Datasets Challenge taught by dr. Krzysztof Dembczyński).

Consultation hours (to discuss problems and get valuable hints or tips):

Tuesdays, 16:50-18:20 or 18:30-20:00, room 43 CW (supervised by Kalina Jasinska, M.Sc.)

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Data Ninja: A data mining competition for students organized by the OLX Group

The second edition of the data mining competition organized by the OLX Group and universities in Poznań will be launched soon. This time the challenge is to create a predictive model for assigning correct categories to announcements submitted to the OLX service. The student teams will compete for a prize pool of 10 000 PLN and internships at the OLX Group.

The OLX Group invites all students of Poznan University of Technology, Adam Mickiewicz University, and Poznan University of Economics and Business to participate in the “Data Ninja” competition.

For more information please attend the first meeting on Friday, October 21, 2016, at 9:45 in room 125BT (it will be held during the lecture of The Mining of Massive Datasets Challenge taught by dr. Krzysztof Dembczyński).

Afterwards, the consultation hours for the participants of the competition will take place on Tuesdays, 16:50-18:20 or 18:30-20:00, in room 43 CW. They will be supervised by Kalina Jasinska, M.Sc.

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Best Master Thesis in Bioinformatics in 2015 award

The results of the Best Master Thesis in Bioinformatics in 2015 competition has been announced during the IX Symposium of Polish Society of Bioinformatics, 28-30th September 2016,

Among the three awarded theses one was written by Jakub Bartoszewicz, our graduate of the macro-studies Bioinformatics held by Faculty of Computing at Poznan University of Technology. His thesis entitled “Optymalizacja nakładek oligonukleotydowych w klonowaniu metodą CPEC i obliczeniach molekularnych” (eng. “Optimization of oligonucleotide overlays in cloning using CPEC method and molecular computations”) was conducted in our Institute under the supervision of prof. Piotr Formanowicz.

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EURO 2016 conference in Poznan!

The 28th European Conference on Operational Research, in short EURO 2016, will be held from 3rd of July to 6th of July at Poznan University of Technology campus.

Institute of Computing Science is organizing the conference this year, therefore we would like to invite you to attend the conference.

We especially encourage you to listen to the open lecture given by prof. Robert Aumann, a Nobel Prize laureate in Economic Sciences, which will be held on 5th of July in the Earth Hall at the Poznan International Fair at 17:30.

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Bioinformatics and the beginning of life – interview

On the 7th of May in the TV show “Rozmowy niedokończone” (eng. “Unfinished talks”) an interview with prof. Jacek Błażewicz and prof. Marta Szachniuk has been held. The interview was about bioinformatics and its influence on the world. You can watch the full interview following this link (only in Polish).

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Highlights on the Wikipedia

Scientific paper entitled “Hypercycle” written by J. Błażewicz, N. Szóstak and Sz. Wąsik, has been published in PLOS Computational Biology journal,

This journal has a collection of articles concerning key factors from the computational biology, which is called “Topic Pages”. The article has been also featured in a highlight on the Wikipedia.

Hypercycle screenshot

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Honorary citizenship of Poznan for prof. Jan Węglarz

Professor Jan Węglarz is the director of Institute of Computing Science of Poznan University of Technology since 1990. He was born in 1947 in Poznan. He studied at the University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznan, where he graduated in mathematics in 1969. He received a doctorate in 1974, and habilitation in 1977. In 1988 he received the title of professor.

Professor Węglarz is a member of Polish Academy of Sciences, and also member of American Mathematical Society, Operations Research Society of America, member and co-founder of Polish Information Processing Society. He received honorary doctorates from several Polish institutions, including Szczecin University of Technology and AGH University of Science and Technology.

The title will be awarded during a ceremony held in Poznan City Hall on 29th June, which is the day of the city patrons – saint Peter and saint Paul.

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Poznan University of Technology in the ranking of the best universities in the world

Poznan University of Technology is on fourth place among Polish universities in the ranking of the best universities in the world, based on the number of citations of scientific papers registered on individual profiles on Google Scholar.

The highest, 562. place in Poland was obtained by University of Warsaw with 70 242 citations. Placed 665. was Warsaw University of Technology with a total citations count equal to 56 170. Nicolaus Copernicus University was 837. in the ranking with 38 908 citations. Poznan University of Technology was 842. with 38 462 citations. Further in the ranking was Jagiellonian University with 32 576 citations and place 944. Next was University of Wroclaw at 959. place and 31 797 citations, Wroclaw University of Technology at 1038. place and 23 793 citations and finally Medical University of Warsaw with 24 327 citations and place 1101.

More details can be found here.

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Prof. Zbyszko Królikowski is a new member of PAC

In January a new term of office in Polish Accreditation Committee has been started. PAC is the institution that is responsible for the quality of education in Polish universities. One of the members in current term of office is prof. Zbyszko Królikowski, PhD. Eng., Vice Dean for Education at Faculty of Computing in Poznan University of Technology.

The new committee consists of 90 members. They have to represent all areas of education that are being taught at Polish universities. The members are chosen from the candidates submitted by, among others, universities, rectors and student organizations. Term of office for the new committee is 4 years.

More information can be found here.

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