The quality of education at the Faculty of Computing rated as outstanding!

The Polish Accreditation Comittee rated the quality of education in the fields of Computing and Automatics and Robotics as outstanding.

Next evaluation will take place in academic year 2027/2028.


Maciej Antczak, Ph.D., D.Sc. as a finalist of Polityka Scientific Awards

We are pleased to announce that Maciej Antczak, Ph.D., D.Sc. was classified as a Finalist of the 19th edition of the Scientific Awards of “Polityka” magazine in the field of technical sciences.

See biography and information about the final (in Polish).


PhD Miłosz Kadziński awarded Bernard Roy Award of EWG-MCDA

PhD Miłosz Kadziński received an award of Bernard Roy of EWG-MCDA. The Bernard Roy Award of EWG-MCDA is a recognition conferred to a researcher under 40 years old for an outstanding contribution to the methodology and/or applications of Multiple Criteria Decision Aiding  (MCDA).


Distinction for professor Słowiński

Prof. Słowiński received the distinction of the Honorablem Member of IFORMS. It is the most significant distinction of this organization.


Distinctions at Symposium of Polish Bioinformatics Society

Two Ph.D. students from Poznań University of Technology received distinction during the annual Symposium of Polish Bioinformatics Society:
– M.Sc. Joanna Miśkiewicz: Ist place for the best oral presentation
– M.Sc. Kaja Gutowska: Ist place for the best poster
The election for the management of Polish Bioinformatics Society took place during the Symposium. Two scientists from Poznań University of Technology were elected:

– Prof. Marta Szachniuk as vice president of Polish Bioinformatics Society
– Ph.D. Piotr Łukasiak as head of Revision Committee


Poznań University of Technology in Shanghai Global Ranking of Academic Subjects 2019

The University of Technology is placed at 400+ in Shanghai Ranking in field of Computing Science.

Ranking Shanghajski.

Profesor Jacek Błażewicz was interviewed for this topic at “Głos Wielkopolski”:

Link do wywiadu.




CAPABLE – new Horizon 2020 project

The CAPABLE (CAncer PAtients Better Life Experience) project co-authored by dr Szymon Wilk recieved funding within Horizon 2020 framework.

The project aim is to provide help for cancer patients, that after the primary intervention are mostly managed at home facing long-term treatments, making the disease comparable to a chronic condition. Despite their benefit, strong therapeutic regimens often cause toxicity, severely impairing quality of life. This may decrease adherence to treatment, thus compromising therapeutic efficacy. Also due to age-related multimorbidity, patients and their caregivers develop emotional, educational and social needs. CAPABLE will develop a cancer patient coaching system with the objective of facing these needs/issues. It will rely on predictive models based on both retrospective and prospective data (clinical data, data from unobtrusive environmental and wearable sensors, data from social media and questionnaires). Models will be integrated with existing clinical practice guidelines and made available to oncologists. Thanks to the mobile coaching system for patients, CAPABLE will allow identifying unexpected needs, and providing patient-specific decision support.

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Scholarship for outstanding students

Student of first year at Computing Science mr Adam Pawłowski received scholarships from rector and Institute of Computing Science.
Photo presents ceremony of handing in scholarships to him.

Institute of Computing Science also granted the scholarships for two other outstanding students.
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prof. Roman Słowiński Vice-president at Polish Academy of Science 2019-2022

Polish Academy of Science elected the following Vice-presidents during 138 session of General Assembly on 6th of December 2018 for 2019-2022 term of office:

prof. Roman Słowiński, mem. of PAN IVth division,
prof. Stanisława Filipowicza, mem. of PAN Ist division,
prof. Romualda Zabielskiego, corr. mem. PAN Ind division,
prof. Pawła Rowińskiego, corr. mem. PAN IIIrd division,
prof. Stanisława J. Czuczwara, corr. mem. PAN IIIth division


Graduates received “Summa Cum Laude” award

Two graduates from department of Computing Science granted with “Summa Cum Laude”.

mgr. inż. Zuzanna Kunik
mgr. inż. Jarosław Synak

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