Poznan University of Technology is no. 1 in Guide2Research ranking of scientific research units in the field of computer science!

Guide2Research regularly prepares 4 rankings (of the universities, scientists, scientific journals and conferences) for the scientific community in the fields of computer science and electronics. In their newest ranking for year 2020, Poznan University of Technology is no. 1 in Poland and no. 314 in the world (LINK). Furthermore, amongst the best polish scientists (LINK) three are from Institute of Computing Science of PUT: prof. Roman Slowinski (1st place), prof. Jacek Blazewicz (5th place) and prof. Jerzy Stefanowski (6th place in Poland).

Guide2Research ranks are based on commonly used scientometrical parameters. For universities, one of the criteria taken into account is the number of employees who are on the list of 1000 scientists with highest Hirsh index (only researchers with H-index greater than 40 according to Google Scholar are counted). There are only 7 such researchers in Poland, among whom 3 are from Poznan University of Technology. If you want to know more, watch the interview with prof. Blazewicz, done by Polish Television (LINK, in Polish). Congratulations for all distinguished!

1. Prof. Roman Slowinski (Poznan University of Technology; Hirsch index h=83)

2. Prof. Janusz Kacprzyk (Systems Research Institute, Polish Academy of Sciences; h=74)

3. Prof. Andrzej Skowron (University of Warsaw; h=62)

4. Prof. Leszek Rutkowski (Czestochowa University of Technology; h=52)

5. Prof. Jacek Błażewicz (Poznan University of Technology; h=49)

6. Prof. Jerzy Stefanowski (Poznan University of Technology; h=45)

7. Prof. Wodzisław Duch (Nicolaus Copernicus University; h=42)

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Best scientific research units in Poland according to Guide2Research:

1. Poznan University of Technology (no. 314 in the world)

2. Systems Research Institute, Polish Academy of Sciences (no. 473)

3. University of Warsaw (no. 488)

4. Czestochowa University of Technology (no. 522)

5. Nicolaus Copernicus University (no. 580)

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